About Me

In love with the smallest details of the world.

Me in a Metaphorical Nutshell​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Short Stack
I grew up loving to read and tell stories. I knew that I wanted to be a writer when I was older. When I went to college, I realized that the parts of writing I like most are the engaging, visual components. I enjoy bringing to life what exists within my head. I began to get involved in digital design. After graduating, I worked as an instructional designer. I created eLearning courses, designing the layout of content and user interactions. Because of my writing background, I had a fine eye for detail and ensuring that the final courses matched the prototypes.
As I worked, I realized that there was so much more that I could learn about design and how users interact with material. I applied to Georgia Tech for HCI and was delighted to get into the program. I love the multitudes of projects that I’ve been working on as I learn. In my first semester, I worked with a group of students to overhaul the Georgia Tech College of Computing’s website and revolutionize the printing system on campus. I like being involved with people and giving back to the community that I exist within.
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