Memory Blanket

Allowing you to tactilely feel memories

In this project, I use crochet to create a blanket which ties moments of your life to physical representations of those moments. When glancing at the blanket, you can discern events by color. Your life is built in consecutive colors and moments.
Learning Crochet
Experimenting with Materials
Digital Representation
To understand how to alter crochet on the most basic level of the stitches, I recreated basic crochet stitches digitally using Grasshopper. I then experimented with how the stitches can be altered to create new patterns.
Initial Concept
When I began to crochet, I thought about how the act of crocheting is like creating your life. You can only go forwards in one line and not backwards; crochet uses one string and stitches build upon the previous stitches.
So I decided that I should create something which could visually and digitally represent a life. The item would be a blanket with spots on it that connect to moments in your life, touching certain sections of the blanket causes pictures to show on an associated app.
Choosing the Stitch
I chose between a 3 treble cluster stitch in a granny circle and a single crochet stitch in squares of color, because each of these patterns would easily allow a person to touch just one color at a time. I decided to use the 3 treble cluster stitch because of how the blanket would expand from the center, much like a person's life.
Row Sketches
Row Prototypes
Left to right: one row, one event; half row, one event; random row size, one event
Left to right: one row, one event; half row, one event; random row size, one event
Choosing Row
After prototyping different types of rows, I decided to use the third type with the flexible structure. I thought that this structure best represented a person's life and would allow for more variability and beauty in the design.
Final Design
Craft can be combined with technology to create new and engaging experiences for users. It doesn't need to exist separately from technology as a remnant of the past. Instead, it can help us think about interaction in a new way.
The process of learning and experimenting with crochet was very enjoyable. During the project, I thought about how form could influence the use of a design, which made me consider physical and digital products differently as well. How could a design be reshaped so that it benefits the interaction that it supports?

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